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Congrats to Summer League Finalists and Winners!!!
Welcome to the Ladies Summer Hockey League website.

We offer seperate Summer and Winter leagues at Chesswood Arenas as well as a Summer league at Westwood Arena.

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2014, the Ladies Summer Hockey League is a non-contact league, aimed at keeping hockey fun!

Feedback is always welcome!


2018-2019 will be the 22nd season of our winter league which plays on Tuesday nights out of Chesswood Arenas.

The league starts on September 25th and will run until the Finals on March 26th. This year we will have two competitive slap shot divisions; the higher division with four teams and the lower with twelve teams. Start times will be as early as 7:15 PM and as late as 10:45 PM.

We are currently looking for a couple of goalies for this league.

We only accept team entries but interested players should contact Laura at 905-790-0911 and advise your name, position, level played and contact number/email. This information will be passed along to any teams if they are looking for individual players.

Please note that we are not affiliated with the OWHA, and that insurance is not provided.


The summer of 2018 was the 29th season of our summer league which plays on Sunday nights (no long weekends) out of Chesswood Arenas.

This year the league started on Sunday May 6th with the Finals taking place on August 19th.

As usual, we had four seperate divisions.

Game times were as early as 5:30 PM and as late as 9:45 PM.

We welcome both team and individual entries.

For information on the 2019 season, please call Laura at 905-790-0911.


Summer 2018 was the 17th season of our Wednesday summer league which plays out of Westwood Arena.

This year the league started on May 9th with the Finals taking place on August 15th. We had one division of twelve teams which was divided into three divisions of four teams each for the playoffs. 

Start times were as early as 7:45 PM and as late as 10:00 PM.

For more information on the 2019 season, please call Laura at 905-790-0911.


2016-2017 was the 15th and, unfortunately, final season of our Wednesday winter league which played out of Westwood Arena.

The Rexdale Women's Hockey League is an OWHA sanctioned Senior Recreational league which plays out of Westwood Arenas on Saturday nights at either 7 pm or 8 pm. Only individual entries are accepted. If you are interested, please contact Laura at 905-790-0911.

The Ladies Summer Hockey League is looking for referees and timekeepers. Please email Laura if you are interested.

1st pic - Sun "C" Division Champs: Fire & Ice | 2nd pic - Sun "B" Division Champs: DDC
3rd pic - Sun "BB" Division Champs: Bruins | 4th pic - Sun "A" Division Champs: Betty's
5th pic - Wed Lemonade Champs: Victorious Secret | 6th pic - Wed Orange Champs - Dolphins
7th pic - Wed Cranberry Champs: Wheels

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