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LSHL Summer 25th Anniversary Celebration
On Sunday June 22, 2014, the Ladies Summer Hockey League hosted a 25th Anniversary Celebration Open House at Chesswood Arena featuring the live band, "Ricks Basement". In addition, there was a picture presentation of the past 25 years of the league, along with free gifts and prizes.
Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to Helena Istiloglu for just about everything. Without the help of Helena and her family as well as numerous others, this event would not have been possible.
LSHL 25th Anniversary Celebration
Open House - Sunday June 22, 2014
Free giveaways and draws
Loot Bags
Something for everyone!
Lady Bug Cake compliments of Linda Woodhead
Cupcakes by World of Cake Decorating Ltd.
Thanks to Helena & Andrea
Spin to win
The Band - Rick's Basement
Who can believe it's been 25 years!!